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What is the ‘compás flamenco’?

The beat [el compás] is the root of flamenco, the foundation, the mother from which all flamenco styles are born. Without the ‘compás’, there is no flamenco; they are inseparable, and even when it is less palpable, such as in a slow piece, the rhythm is there even if not audibly. It is a feeling […]

What to do in Barcelona?

What to eat in Barcelona? Cities by the sea are centers of influence and constant movement of people and culture, and Barcelona is no exception. Its position along the Mediterranean and its role as a economic hub, drawing people from all over Spain, have transformed it into a city with a diverse culinary offering that […]

Juli Vallmitjana in the gypsy neighborhoods of Barcelona between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Flamenco in Barcelona: “Arte Jondo” in the 19th Century

Flamenco did not arrive in Catalonia in the 1950s through Murcian and Andalusian migration, as widely assumed in much of Spain. It happened much earlier: the first mention of the word “flamenco” in any document in the region was on January 26, 1794, in the Diario de Barcelona, in verses sent by J.M.A. ‘el Madrileño’ […]

How can you learn flamenco?

Flamenco dancing:The most demanded discipline Barcelona is a synonym of flamenco and flamenco is a synonym of Barcelona. i.e. Barcelona. The flamenco tablaos, festivals and bars are part of the city and its history, but the flamenco offer in the city also includes the first step for our quarries: the schools. One of the most […]

What do the “Flamenco dancers” wear?

Louboutin & bulerías In May this year, Christian Louboutin, luxury shoes designer, launched some photographs with the Spanish actress Rossy de Palma attired with fans, shawls, metallic combs and flamenco guitars. The French brand announced their collection Flamencabadedicated and inspired by flamenco. “I always wanted to do something related to flamenco because it has a […]

Are tablaos for tourists only?

Little Spanish language at the tablaos If you peep into a tablao any day of the week, you will hear people speaking English, French, Italian, Chinese, German or Arabic. Very little Spanish, and mainly spoken by  performers and the rest of the employees in the place. If you mention the tablaos in a conversation among […]

Antonia Carmona, en su baile por soleá.

The “Soléa”

The soleá is one of the most emblematic dances in flamenco , and, just as in singing, its execution encompasses each and every one of the essential elements of flamenco’s dance aesthetics. For flamenco enthusiasts, the soleá is one of the flamenco “palos” (forms) they expect to enjoy in a tablao. The soul of the […]

The Rumba Flamenca

The Rumba Flamenca

© Photo by Eva Blanch – // In the photo: Petitet, the soul of Barcelona’s rumba. The history of the rumba flamenca The rumba flamenca (also called gypsy rumba) was born in the 18th century when the gypsies of Andalusia began to merge flamenco with the Cuban guaracha. The exchanges between the Spanish ports […]

Instrumentos Flamencos - Tablao de Carmen en Barcelona


If one were to close one’s eyes and imagine flamenco, the silhouette of a dancer would likely come to mind, as would the cry of a singer, the strum of a guitar or the vibrations of palms and dancing feet. For this reason, when talking of flamenco instruments from an orthodox and traditional point of […]

What are flamenco’s “palos”?

Definition of the “palo flamenco” The language of the flamenco world has its own, unique words, and “palo” is one of them. Flamenco artists and people in the flamenco world use this word constantly, assuming that everyone understands its meaning. However, “palo” in the context of flamenco is not what it means in everyday, Spanish-language […]

Quienes son los artistas flamencos

Who are the flamenco artists?

Who are the flamenco music artists? The term “flamenco music” evokes two things first and foremost: flamenco singing and the sound of a flamenco guitar. The voice of a cantaor (an artist who sings flamenco) is perhaps the first thing that marks flamenco music. And this singing is almost always accompanied by the notes of […]

What is a flamenco show?

The etymological definition of “spectacle” could differ from what we, from the Tablao de Carmen, consider to be the essence of Flamenco as a manifestation of musical artistry and as a culture.  The word “spectacle” comes from the Latin “spectare”, which means “to see” and “to contemplate”. Furthermore, according to the Spanish Royal Academy, the […]