Who is behind this beautiful flamenco establishment of Barcelona?

The team at The Tablao de Carmen: A group of professionals who are dedicated in body and soul to flamenco.

Flamenco en Barcelona: el equipo Tablao de Carmen

Would you like to know who we are? Look at the photo and we’ll tell you! From left to right: Mimo Agüero, the director of the tablao, “la Jenny” in the red t-shirt, dancer. Standing behind is “Tarrito,” guitarist. Sitting: “Joni,” dancer and “Yuse,” singer; Sunchy Echegaray, founder of The Tablao de Carmen; Augustin de Beaucé, also in the directorate; José Andrés Cortés, guitarist; and lastly, Gema R. Amaya, dancer.

Under the Barcelona sun

And where do we find ourselves? In the Tablao’s fry shop, enjoying some tapas. The fry shop, or freiduría, open from 12pm to 5pm Spring through Autumn, is one of three spaces in the tablao’s locale. Located in la Calle de los Arcos, this flamenco corner of Andalusian atmosphere is the perfect place to sit under a vine, surrounded by geraniums, whitewashed walls and orange trees, to enjoy a glass of wine, some jamón and the Barcelona sun.

A Family Business

After thirty years of history, the tablao remains in the hands of its founder, Sunchy Echegaray. Since a few years ago, however, it has been managed by one of her daughters, Mimo. Many of the flamenco artists who perform at the tablao, singers, guitarists and dancers, are introduced to the tablao at the earliest beginnings by their family members. Others are young artists who represent a new generation of flamenco in Barcelona, and who have become involved over the past few years, such as “Tarrito,” “la Jenny,” and Gema.

They make up a team of people, waiting service, artists and management, through which the true spirit of the tablao is molded.

Who welcomes you to the Tablao de Carmen?

Every day, every show, we are the ones who receive you to the tablao. Preciseley because the tablao is part of a family history rather than a conventional business, we believe personal interactions with our clients are essential. “We don’t know how to do it any other way. The Tablao is like my home,” Mimo Agüero points out “because flamenco isn’t a profession, it’s like life itself.” Mimo personally received customers, and offers to give them a summary of the tablao’s history, explaining the locale’s history and its close ties to Carmen Amaya (this case is better enjoyed with prior booking).

We’re waiting for you!

If you’re in Barcelona and you like flamenco, or you are simply curious to see what it is all about, don’t hesitate to visit us. The Tablao de Carmen, due to its unique story and philosophy, will give you a genuinely flamenco experience.