The art of flamenco in Barcelona

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Where do the lyrics of flamenco come from?

Historical Origins of Flemish Literature “Napoleon Bonaparte, / with his escorts, / did not reach the neighborhood / of La Victoria.” This verse, traditionally sung in the styles of alegrías and cantiñas, continues to resonate in today’s tablaos. Given the fluid nature of flamenco lyrics, variations abound: some sing “the beach of La Victoria” (there […]

November 16: Flamenco Day

There are days for everything: International Potato Omelette Day, International Infidelity Day (February 13, ironically the day before Valentine’s Day), or World Eccentricity Day. Or even International Diet Skipping Day. For those interested in celebrating, it’s May 6th. Obviously, flamenco was not going to be left behind. The day of “arte jondo” (deep art) is […]

The Tablaos: Temples of Flamenco

  Since their appearance in the early 20th century, tablaos have served as temples for flamenco artists and enthusiasts in Spain, preserving the essence of this enigmatic and impassioned art form. Named after the wooden boards (“tablas” in Spanish) that make up the stage for dancing, singing, and playing, tablaos are distinguished by their emphasis […]