The art of flamenco in Barcelona

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What is the ‘compás flamenco’?

The beat [el compás] is the root of flamenco, the foundation, the mother from which all flamenco styles are born. Without the ‘compás’, there is no flamenco; they are inseparable, and even when it is less palpable, such as in a slow piece, the rhythm is there even if not audibly. It is a feeling […]

What to do in Barcelona?

What to eat in Barcelona? Cities by the sea are centers of influence and constant movement of people and culture, and Barcelona is no exception. Its position along the Mediterranean and its role as a economic hub, drawing people from all over Spain, have transformed it into a city with a diverse culinary offering that […]

Juli Vallmitjana in the gypsy neighborhoods of Barcelona between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

History of Flamenco in Barcelona: The Success of “Arte Jondo” in the 19th Century

Flamenco did not arrive in Catalonia in the 1950s through Murcian and Andalusian migration, as widely assumed in much of Spain. It happened much earlier: the first mention of the word “flamenco” in any document in the region was on January 26, 1794, in the Diario de Barcelona, in verses sent by J.M.A. ‘el Madrileño’ […]