The art of flamenco in Barcelona

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Antonia Carmona, en su baile por soleá.

The “Soléa”

The soleá is one of the most emblematic dances in flamenco , and, just as in singing, its execution encompasses each and every one of the essential elements of flamenco’s dance aesthetics. For flamenco enthusiasts, the soleá is one of the flamenco “palos” (forms) they expect to enjoy in a tablao. The soul of the […]

The Rumba Flamenca

The Rumba Flamenca

© Photo by Eva Blanch – // In the photo: Petitet, the soul of Barcelona’s rumba. The history of the rumba flamenca The rumba flamenca (also called gypsy rumba) was born in the 18th century when the gypsies of Andalusia began to merge flamenco with the Cuban guaracha. The exchanges between the Spanish ports […]

Instrumentos Flamencos - Tablao de Carmen en Barcelona


If one were to close one’s eyes and imagine flamenco, the silhouette of a dancer would likely come to mind, as would the cry of a singer, the strum of a guitar or the vibrations of palms and dancing feet. For this reason, when talking of flamenco instruments from an orthodox and traditional point of […]