“El Tete” during ”La Mercè” celebration in the Flamenco session of Arias Fernández show “Tants talents”

For the festivities of “La Mercè”, the patron saint of Barcelona, the Dance took over the streets and in the big Avenue of Paseo San Juan we could see a lot of dancing!

La Mercè

“La Mercè” celebrated in 2017 its famous Dance Festival in the Arch of Triumph. Lots of performances in all its forms and shapes. Flamenco did not miss the date. And one of its most interesting organizers, Arias Fernández “Jocker”, came to the Tablao de Carmen to look for el Tete.

An instant connection

Both connected instantly. The self-taught and streetwise past of Arias did recognise the truth and coolness of Tete´s flamenco dance. Tete, Ricardo Fernández, a young dancer from Badalona started dancing at the Tablao de Carmen just before his 16th birthday in May 2016. Within a rich program of radically different dance styles (from Classic Ballet to Claqué, Hip Hop, Jazz and Krump) Arias melted each one of them with different stories, taking into account the personality of each artist and each performance. Following this line of style, El Tete danced “Soleá”, without guitar, but backed up by the singing of Luis Fernández and the percussion of Jacobo Sánchez´s “box”.

Don´t you know EL Tete?

It is worth quoting the genius introduction of Arias Fernández to present El Tete on stage: “Don´t you know El Tete?, but…What do you mean? Are you then sure you do not know El Tete?”. Many among the audience met him then, but for those who were not there those days of La Mercè can come to see him dance in the Tablao de Carmen, where he dances daily “in his real flamenco environment”.

During this winter season 2017-2018 El Tete will continue to dance most days at the Tablao de Carmen backed by the house artist cast.