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What makes Beyoncé’s song “Flamenco” flamenco?

Beyoncé has released her eighth album. It is a country album that pays tribute to the music of her hometown: Houston, Texas. Her single, ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ has topped the Billboard country songs chart for 10 weeks, marking the first time a black woman has achieved this milestone. Previously, only Taylor Swift had reached the […]

The Flamenco Cajón

How and when did flamenco adopt the Peruvian cajón? Everyone thinks it was Paco de Lucía who first saw something very flamenco in the Peruvian cajón. But according to the biography of Juan José Téllez about the guitarist from Algeciras, the story wasn’t exactly like that. That night in 1977 in Lima, Paco de Lucía […]

Castanets in Flamenco

When we talk about castanets, we talk about the flamenco dancer Lucero Tena. Born in Durango (Mexico), she began attending flamenco dance classes at a very young age, studying the “escuela bolera” and becoming familiar with the typical dances of Spanish folklore. As noted by the Spanish Archives Portal of the Ministry of Culture, among […]

Flamenco Singing: Fundamental Pillar

“Flamenco song is not understood, it is lived,” said writer Fernando Quiñones. While there have been countless attempts to define it, Luis López Ruiz’s Flamenco Guide documented Antonio Mairena, a renowned flamenco singer and dedicated scholar of flamenco song, concluding: “We do not believe it possible to define flamenco singing.” What can be explained about […]

From ‘housewives’ to flamenco dancers at the Tablao de Carmen

Among all the occurrences that have happened at this very flamenco tablao, the most original and sensational has been the visit of the cast member of the renowned series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Nothing more and nothing less than one of the most famous and watched series on this planet Earth. They arrived […]

Flamenco in 20th and 21st Centuries: Carmen Amaya to Tiny Desk

For some, she was the greatest female flamenco dancer of all time. Born in Somorrostro, she traveled the world with her flamenco artistry. Some criticized her upon returning from the United States because her shows had become too “Americanized”. However, there is no doubt that the dancer Carmen Amaya revolutionized flamenco dance, particularly for women, […]

Flamenco en la actualidad

Flamenco Today: From “La leyenda del tiempo” to “El Mal Querer”

On November 2, 2018, Catalan artist Rosalía released her second album, “El Mal Querer” instantly becoming the most listened-to album in a day on Spotify in Spain. The whole country had “Malamente,” its main single, on repeat, and it seemed like everyone couldn’t resist occasionally shouting the refrain’s catchy lyrics. In the same year, the […]

What to do on the mountain of Montjuic in Barcelona?

The mountain of Montjuic, home of the Tablao de Carmen, is one of Barcelona’s emblematic peaks, like El Putxet and Tibidabo, and one of the most culturally rich. It is known for its museums, theaters, and stunning viewpoints, but not many people are aware of its historical connection to flamenco. What shouldn’t you miss on […]

What is the ‘compás flamenco’?

The beat [el compás] is the root of flamenco, the foundation, the mother from which all flamenco styles are born. Without the ‘compás’, there is no flamenco; they are inseparable, and even when it is less palpable, such as in a slow piece, the rhythm is there even if not audibly. It is a feeling […]

What to do in Barcelona?

What to eat in Barcelona? Cities by the sea are centers of influence and constant movement of people and culture, and Barcelona is no exception. Its position along the Mediterranean and its role as a economic hub, drawing people from all over Spain, have transformed it into a city with a diverse culinary offering that […]

Juli Vallmitjana in the gypsy neighborhoods of Barcelona between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Flamenco in Barcelona: “Arte Jondo” in the 19th Century

Flamenco did not arrive in Catalonia in the 1950s through Murcian and Andalusian migration, as widely assumed in much of Spain. It happened much earlier: the first mention of the word “flamenco” in any document in the region was on January 26, 1794, in the Diario de Barcelona, in verses sent by J.M.A. ‘el Madrileño’ […]

How can you learn flamenco?

Flamenco dancing:The most demanded discipline Barcelona is a synonym of flamenco and flamenco is a synonym of Barcelona. i.e. Barcelona. The flamenco tablaos, festivals and bars are part of the city and its history, but the flamenco offer in the city also includes the first step for our quarries: the schools. One of the most […]