Flamenco Fights Back: El Tablao de Carmen and Flamenco Artists During the Pandemic

Artists names from left to the right:
Joni Cortés, Miki Fernandez, Aida Orozco, Bartolo Manuel Jimenez, Luis Moreno, Gema Amaya, Miguel de Morrete, Rocio Merino


On March 13th, eight months ago, the “tablao” closed its doors due to the calling of a state of emergency. Since then, the world of tablaos and its flamenco artists have suffered a great impact.

The long-term closure of these flamenco spaces has meant a resounding change in the economy, in the daily routine and in the learning of many artists and flamenco families.

Despite everything, entrepreneurial initiatives have been emerging to ensure the continuity not only of the tablaos, but of the spirit of its protagonists: the flamencos.

Union and National Association of Flamenco Tablaos of Spain

This past June, for the first time in history, all the flamenco tablaos of Spain have joined to create the National Association of Flamenco Tablaos of Spain, demanding help from the government. Since then, despite having received no official aid, tablaos located in different corners of the country have formed a useful union and seen a fruitful exchange.

Strength and courage in the tablao

The Tablao de Carmen summoned its flamenco artists to pose with strength and courage in the location currently closed to the public. This is how they showed their solidarity and support for a tablao that, for three decades, has been the stage for pure and traditional flamenco.

With the 50% capacity restrictions imposed by the authorities and the drastic drop in the tablaos’ audience (the vast majority of which are foreign tourists), the Tablao de Carmen will continue to fight to endure and overcome this situation.

The chairs, now on top of the tables, will return to the floor, the lanterns will light up again, faces will be unmasked, and the painting of Carmen Amaya emerging from the darkness will once again preside over the nights of the Tablao de Carmen.

Courage and hope.

The Tablao de Carmen awaits.


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