the Freiduría terrace

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Get to know our three different spaces
available for rent:

el TABLAO aforo 220 People

Our main space 220 People Maximum Capacity Originally conceived as a space for flamenco shows, its decorative elements evoke the south of Spain, the epicenter of flamenco. It is a large space with endless possibilities of use and potential.

The space consists of three levels (ground floor, middle side balcony, high balcony), which make it ideal for all types of events, meetings, presentations or celebrations.


el PATIO de CARMEN aforo 80 People

For an intimate atmosphere 100 People Maximum Capacity Carmen Amaya danced here in 1929 at the inauguration of the Spanish Village (“Poble Espanyol”) for King Alfonso XIII.

It is a typical patio from Cordoba, with a lot of character and Andalusian beauty. It is an outdoor space with the necessary installations to adapt to each season, ideal for an aperitif or to hold a concert or private dinner. It has capacity for 100 people standing, and 35 seats if it is a seated event.


THE terraza FREIDURIA TERRACE aforo 30 personas

For very exclusive meetings 30 People Maximum Capacity

Located at the entrance of our Calle de Arcos, it is a space for an informal meeting or aperitif. It is part of one of the most picturesque spaces in the Spanish Village (“Poble Espanyol”).