For the best flamenco show in Barcelona, we look for the best artists. Not only for the Tablao, but also for private events and international tours.
Identifying ourselves with a line of pure flamenco, we can adapt to different scenarios.

Artists Management

Flamenco Artist Management

Since 1988, the Tablao de Carmen has been a platform for the presentation, launch and learning of many flamenco artists. Our experience in treating and training flamenco artists allows us to organize flamenco productions at all levels. With more than thirty years of experience, we have an extensive list of artists with whom we are united by a strong professional bond.

We offer external flamenco productions at the Tablao de Carmen for any space or event: corporate activities, private parties, theaters… even national events and international festivals.

Within the flamenco field, we organize shows of all kinds and styles: from a rumbero group that animates parties, to the sophistication of a flamenco guitar recital or even “tables” of pure flamenco of any size.

Also, we advise and guide in musical productions that need a “flamenco touch”.

Our artistic and technical expertise allow us to design custom-made shows. Each one is tailored to the customer’s requests and made for a specific space and audience size.
Our aim is to share the artistry, energy and passion fundamental to flamenco with audiences of every age, nationality and background.

Management of Flamenco Artists

We advise our customers in the search for the flamenco image.
We combine and select the best flamenco for each occasion.
We work within a broad context to carefully choose the artistic image that the client desires, navigating everything from a classic traditional concept to the simplicity of a modern and more personalised style.
We respect and enhance the personality of each artist.
We search for quality of music among flamenco singers, guitarists and percussionists, always guaratneeing a high level of rhythmic and musical excellence.
We tailor the project to the budget and scenario at hand, making sure to carefully consider the technical requirements to obtain the optimum final result.
For further enquiries or more information, please write to [email protected]