From ‘housewives’ to flamenco dancers at the Tablao de Carmen

Among all the occurrences that have happened at this very flamenco tablao, the most original and sensational has been the visit of the cast member of the renowned series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Nothing more and nothing less than one of the most famous and watched series on this planet Earth. They arrived at Poble Espanyol all dressed in red and luxury, full of sparkles and with stiletto heels, glamour to the max, as if they were about to cross the door of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles for an Oscar gala.

Barcelona took center stage in one of the episodes of the thirteenth season of this popular reality show from the United States. Known in Spain as ‘Mujeres ricas de Beverly Hills,’ the series is available for viewing on Netflix and Prime Video. It was a privilege for us to host this esteemed group at Tablao de Carmen, where they enjoyed dinner alongside our flamenco artistry.

A stroll through the Poble Espanyol

Tablao de Carmen stands uniquely apart from the bustling city center of Barcelona, offering a serene escape. The stars of this reality series had the opportunity to explore Poble Espanyol (or Spanish Village), a must-see destination in Barcelona. Welcomed at the village entrance by Manolo, dressed in classic attire with his Spanish hat and flamenco guitar, they were guided in an authentic and enchanting manner to our tablao.

They thus discovered this architectural gem built in 1929 to be the Spanish pavilion at the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona. It was designed by two local architects, who toured a hundred villages throughout the country to capture the essence of Spanish popular architecture, resulting in one of the most attractive places in the city. Here, in the Poble Espyanol, the Housewives began to feel the joy and culture of Spain.

And they tapped their feet in rhythm

And they wanted to learn flamenco! So, they eagerly invited our artists to their farmhouse in Sitges to grasp the fundamentals of flamenco dance rhythm. With the guidance of dancers Candy Navarrete and Francesc Amador, they immersed themselves further into this quintessentially Spanish art form, even attempting some flamenco kicks. And they didn’t disappoint!

The next afternoon they returned to our tablao, where they were welcomed by Mimo Agüero, the director, in the Patio de Carmen, where Carmen Amaya danced for King Alfonso XIII a century ago during the Universal Exhibition. In honor of this Barcelona dancer, we opened the Tablao de Carmen in 1988, in the building that houses this patio. Our protagonists fully embraced the flamenco spirit when our dancer Gema Amaya adorned their hair with flowers.

Star menu for the stars

And for the Housewives, a Star Menu. True to form, they opted for the top tier of our offerings: the Star menu, designed for the most discerning and gourmet palates. Welcoming them to our patio, we shared the rich history of Tablao de Carmen and regaled them with tales of Carmen Amaya. As dinner commenced, we presented a gastronomic journey through Spain’s finest flavors, featuring cheeses with rosemary and quince, olives with a hint of orange, premium Iberian ham, succulent prawns, and tender bull’s tail. Throughout the meal, they were treated to the captivating performance of our flamenco ensemble.

Onto the stage for the Grand Finale

As the ultimate highlight, the housewives went from mere spectators to active participants. With courage and enthusiasm, they took to the stage alongside our talented cast, showcasing the flamenco steps they had learned just the day before. ¡Tra trá! They left our tablao delighted, infused with the essence of Spanish grace and joy.

¡Y olé!